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What is an Endorsed Referral™?

Louisville Trusted Advisor Network (LTAN) is comprised of local licensed professionals in their respective field sharing Endorsed Referrals™ which are introductions of reliable contacts based on past experience. If you have been invited to join LTAN then you have received your first Endorsed Referral™! Many of us depend on our core circle of professionals, however the question always remains;


How to increase the trusted/vetted professionals we transact with on a regular basis in a time efficient manner? 


An introduction leveraged from reliable past experiences, acquired over years of transacting with fellow Louisvillian's,  allows an Endorsed Referral™ to carry significant weight and add value to both parties. LTAN is available by member invitation only and attracts high caliber professionals for quality networking in a time efficient manner.


Members can leverage the 'LTAN Directory' to see fellow professionals which have received an Endorsed Referral™ as well as offer and receive specific Endorsed Referrals™ by fellow Members on the Louisville Forum. There are no member dues - we only ask you invite skilled Louisville professionals in good standing which are active in their respective field. As our LTAN Directory increases, so will the opportunities in various and otherwise closed circles. 

Once invited and approved, LTAN Members may complete their Business Profile in under one minute to benefit from the LTAN Directory of licensed professionals and begin further sharing/receiving Endorsed Referrals™. We encourage participation in the Forums section as well as reaching out to other members for introductions.

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